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  • The perfect taming solution

    We've all had it, you finally get your dino knocked out and stand by its side for hours. Here we got a few tips and tricks to make it a lot easier! Starving your dino Why would you starve your dino? Simple, when it gets killed for any reason you don't lose all your kibble or food. When can I start feeding?
    You should download this app: Make sure you place the taming speed on X4 in the settings for our server. Select your dino, level, taming food, food level and torpor.

    Click on start and you will see exactly when you need to feed narcos/kibble.

    Why kibble?
    Kibble is expensive too make but will increase your taming effectiveness and also the level of your dino.

    Taming a strong dino

    Unless you are very sure of what you are doing you shouldn't try and tame a strong dino on your own. Bring a friend and let him carry you around with preferably with an argentavis with a lot of stamina. You also try and trap your dino with a small base with gates. Here is an example of an Argentavis trap:

    Passive taming There is a lot of confusing on the playstation how to passively tame a dino. It's quite simple, you place the food he eats ( Check dododex ) in your last slot on your action bar.

    When you have placed the foot in this slot ( red one ) you walk up to the Dino and you will see in your screen "Press to feed" Now press triangle and you have to wait again for it too get hungry.

    Bola Ark

    Are you scared your dino will run away or kill you? Use a Bola and they wont move anymore. The following dinos are affected by bola's:
    • Baryonyx
    • Beelzebufo
    • Castoroides
    • Compsognathus
    • Dilophosaur
    • Dimorphodon
    • Diplocaulus
    • Direwolf
    • Dodo
    • Gallimimus
    • Human
    • Iguanodon
    • Jerboa
    • Kairuku
    • Kaprosuchus
    • Lymantria
    • Lystrosaurus
    • Megaloceros
    • Mesopithecus
    • Oviraptor
    • Pachy
    • Parasaur
    • Pelagornis
    • Procoptodon
    • Pteranodon
    • Pulmonoscorpius
    • Phiomia
    • Raptor
    • Sabertooth
    • Tapejara
    • Terror Bird
    Advanced taming

    When you get further in the game and want the perfect tame you will start looking for a 150 dinosaur and tame it with kibble. Now when you are looking for this dino it is very important when u find it you check the stats. With dododex you can check with the Stat Calculator how much waisted points the dino has.
    For example we take the Quetzal:

    We of course want a lot of weight on the quetzal and can check if the weight on this quetzal is proper. This is very important if you want to breed with it afterwards but we will make another post about this shortly!

    More Tips & Tricks

    We will soon start posting more Tips & Tricks!

    Dododex is the first iOS companion app for Ark: Survival Evolved. Using the Taming Calculator, you can estimate how long it'll take to tame almost any dinosaur as well as the food and narcotics required for each.