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Ragnarok Release, are you excited?

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  • Ragnarok Release, are you excited?

    Hello Guys,
    We’ve got some great news! This Tuesday (29-08-2017) Ark has scheduled to release the new map Ragnarok for PS4 players. We are proud to announce that the second the server will become available we will be adding this map into our cluster environment!

    I’m not playing yet
    No worries come online and start levelling up and preparing for Ragnarok on The Center, The Island or Scorched earth and transfer over when we release it!

    I’m already playing
    You can of course choose to move over to Ragnarok with all your dinosaurs and items by uploading them and downloading them on Ragnarok!

    We will make an official release on the day when it gets released!
    Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates!

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    Ripping Underground Sounds! Witness: a Hardcore techno Djmix